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Frameless Freestanding Case

The Frameless case has proudly earned two international design awards in 2018 and 2019.

Its sleek and simple design gets us one step closer to our ultimate goal of becoming invisible.


This case is surprising in its simplicity and perfection. Its meticulous and accurate design manages to skillfully hide the underlying complexity.

The ZF-100 fascinates with its astounding functional details. All elements blend seamlessly together in a fascinating manner, hiding the actual opening mechanism.

A Unique Concept

The frameless case with ultra light contours will greatly limit the cast shadows that are often problematic in exhibition environments.

While reducing the cost of the case, an appropriate blend of diffused and directional lighting within the gallery itself will offer optimal illumination of your displayed artifacts.

Customize your Display Case

Lighting System

The possibility of equipping the case with an intelligent lighting and monitoring system offers several possibilities of use.


Smaller and lower units could be built on casters to accommodate your temporary exhibitions.


The ZF-100 can be made of one or multiple units to accommodate your exhibition needs.

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